Microfiber Whiteboard Eraser Cloths

  • Marvelously plush microfiber whiteboard eraser cloths with embedded magnet are luxuriously soft and will not scratch your whiteboard
  • Get more eraser for your money. Replaces 64 block erasers with over 1,100 square inches of erasing surface area
  • Oversized to attack big jobs. Expansive 12” x 12” cloths mean no ink on your hands and ample surface space for cleaning large areas
  • Easy to store, easy to find. Rare-earth magnet sewn in the corner for easy hanging and storage on your magnetic whiteboard
  • Reusable by simply washing with a little soap and water and air drying. Save money and reduce waste

Behind every great idea are 10 less-great ideas. Attack wet-erase, dry-erase, and chalk marker, then hang your cloth on any magnetic object.

Wipe away your thoughts, hang the magnetic cloth

  • Cloths measure 12" x 12"
  • 100% microfiber hand-wash or machine wash - do not use fabric softener
  • Rare-Earth magnets securely sewn into the corner

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