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Anti-Gravity Dry-Erase Markers

  • Chisel-Tip Dry-Erase Markers with a magnet embedded in the bottom
  • Chisel-Tip made of premium polyester fiber resin allows the pen to create both thin lines and thick lines (it’s like 2 markers in one!)
  • Magnet in the bottom allows you to store the pen horizontally on steel whiteboard
  • Felt eraser attached to the cap so you don’t have to reach for a separate eraser
  • 6 neon colors make your ideas pop off any dry-erase surface: Red, Orange, Purple, Teal, Green, Black


If you store them pointing up and they dry out, store them down and the ink can flood the tip. Storing them horizontally means they write perfectly every time. Anti-Gravity markers 'protrude' away from the whiteboard, which means they take up very little of your precious whiteboard collaboration space. They are ideal for magnetic whiteboards where you do not have a pen storage tray (pen trays get really messy and dirty)
  • 6 Markers
  • Chisel Tip
  • Rare-Earth magnets store markers on metal

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