Limited Edition Bundle
Pastel 2-Week Planner

This limited-edition addition to your order...
serves as your daily inspiration to conquer your dreams and manager your tasks as you take on each day. Capture affirmations, quick thoughts, weekly to-dos and important reminders with a new, limited-edition bundle.

  • Write, spray, wipe, erase, and repeat to reuse each piece of the bundle thousands of times! Every piece of this bundle can be reused up to 2,000 times each.
  • Each piece of this reusable bundles sticks to shiny surfaces (like the inside of a locker!) without leaving residue behind and can be stuck and restuck, again and again.
  • This bundle is compatible with dry-erase markers, but the included smudge-free Tackie Marker dries in seconds and erases easily with water. No more accidental erasing!

Pastel 2-Week Planning Bundle includes:

  • (1) Reusable Two-week Planner, (1) Reusable To Do List, (4) Reusable Cloud Sticky Notes, (2) Reusable Pastel Labels(1) Reusable Heart Sticker, (1) Tackie Hang Tag, (1) Tackie Marker