Anywhere Office Bundle

Work and life have never been so interwoven.
Whether you’re camped out at your kitchen table, set up in a home office, or in a shared workspace, set yourself up for success in the workplace. Clear the clutter, plan your way to a more productive day, and organize your desk - wherever that may be!

  • Write, wash, and reuse thousands of timesto start fresh every week and stay on top of your workload.
  • Plan your day hour-by-hour as it begins to prevent getting sidetracked before you get busy, then erase and start fresh for tomorrow.
  • Catch the little tasks and to-dos you need to finish by EOD or save for later.
  • Create a bird’s-eye view of your schedule and record your tasks, due dates, personal appointments, and meetings in one place.
  • Notes taken in included wet-erase Tackie Marker erase easily from each piece of the bundle with water and a soft cloth, but won’t accidentally smudge away.

Each bundle includes: 
(1) Rigid Weekly Planner Jotter, (1) Hourly Planner Stickie, (1) To Do List Stickie, (2) Reusable Labels, (2) Reusable Sticky Notes, (6) Reusable Emoji Stickers, (1) Tackie Hang Tag, (1) Tackie Marker

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