Reusable Sticky Note Shapes 8-Pack

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Never waste another sticky note with reusable M.C. Squares Stickies. Guaranteed to write, stick, wipe and reuse for 2 years after purchase. Perfect for shiny surfaces like metal, glass, plastic and cabinets.

  • Our Stickies are huggers! They stick to shiny surfaces like magnets to metal. Clings to shiny, non-porous surfaces: stainless steel, plastic, glass, cabinets, and ceramic.
  • Save hundreds by replacing wasteful paper sticky notes. Post it, restick it, wash it and reuse it thousands of times
  • Durable whiteboard front and a re-stickable back - we’ll replace a worn-out Stickie within 2 years of purchase! Replacement details are in the packaging.
  • 2 Stars, 2 Arrows, 2 Bubbles, 2 Hearts - measuring roughly 4" x 4" each
  • Not recommended for painted walls.