How To Use

  1. Clean your desktop - dust, oil, and dirt will keep your deskmat from sticking properly
  2. Unroll your desk mat in the position and orientation you want (do not use on hand-painted desks)
  3. Flatten the desk mat with your hand or a clean soft towel
  4. You can now place your laptop / keyboard / mouse on your desk pad
  5. Write anywhere on your desk pad using the included Tackie Marker or any dry-erase marker
  6. Erase the Tackie Marker with a damp, soft cloth or run your desk mat under water
  7. Remove suborn stains or oils by using a bit of rubbing alcohol
  8. Do not scrub with abrasives (including magic erasers.) Scrubbing will permanently damage your desk mat and voids it's warranty.
  9. Your desk mat can be moved and repositioned over and over again - the backing sticks and re•sticks with suction!
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