Planted 50,000 Trees
Saved 2 Billion Notes
(and still counting)

Who we are

M.C. Squares manufactures office and home office products that help you find clarity, get organized, become motivated, and provide inspiration. Our products also help you reduce paper waste. In fact, our customers have kept over 2,000,000,000 (that's with a 'B') paper sticky notes from hitting landfills!

We care about doing our part...

... by planting trees in partnership with, manufacturing in the USA to reduce our carbon footprint, and operating our Colorado factory on 100% wind power.

"Today is the day..."

- what people say when they open their M.C. Squares package

Our values

Our founder, Anthony Franco, is dedicated to building real human connections in an ever-increasing digital world. The company sustainably operated with our core values:


  • We believe CREATIVITY is an essential human trait
  • We value richness of EXPERIENCE
  • We understand that innovation is an INCLUSIVE process
  • We operate with RESPONSIBILITY
  • We love PEOPLE