Whiteboard Sheets
11x11 2-Pack

  • The 2-Year Reusable Easel Pad. Durable whiteboard front and a re-stickable back - we’ll replace a worn-out Stickie Sheet for 2 years
  • Our Sheets are huggers! They stick to shiny surfaces like magnets to metal. Never miss a note on a mirror, appliance, monitor or plastic bin
  • Save hundreds by replacing wasteful paper easel pads. Post it, restick it, wash it and reuse it thousands of times
  • Your notes are safe. Included wet-erase Tackie Marker ensures your notes won’t smear, smudge, or accidentally disappear
  • We invented the reusable sticky note. Stickie Sheets are patent pending and sustainably made with wind power in the USA


Never waste another large and expensive easel pad with reusable M.C. Squares Stickie Sheets. Guaranteed to write, stick, wipe and reuse for 2 years after purchase. Perfect for shiny surfaces like metal, glass, plastic, and cabinets.

"An arsenal of reusable-whiteboards" - The Daily Beast

"...so genius and help save paper" - Pop Sugar

Write, stick, erase, repeat (reuse up to 2k times)

  • Each Stickie Sheet measures 11" x 11" - 2 in a pack
  • Includes one Tackie Marker smudge-free wet-erase marker
  • Stick with our exclusive BubbleBond micro-suction technology
  • Clings to shiny, non-porous surfaces: stainless steel, plastic, glass, cabinets, and ceramic.
  • Not recommended for painted walls
  • 2 year replacement details are in the packaging

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