Spray & Wipe
Whiteboard Cleaner Kit

  • Spotless whiteboards everytime. Have tough stains on your whiteboard? They don’t stand a chance against Squeaky Clean
  • Made from Alcohol & H2O2 with a conditioner that restores and keep your dry-erase surfaces clean and functional
  • Special formulation removes ghosting, shadowing, grease, dirt, stubborn stains, and marks - even permanent marker disappears
  • Thick, absorbent microfiber cloths soak up the stains. Strong magnet securely sewn in the corner hangs tight on any magnetic surface
  • Expansive 12” x 12” cloth means no ink on your hands and ample surface space for cleaning large areas


Behind every great idea are 10 not-so-great ones. With robust Squeaky Clean Whiteboard Cleaner spray and a Whiteboard Eraser Cloth, this kit busts grime and stains while keeping your whiteboard scratch-free.

Spray, wait a moment, wipe, hang the cloth

  • Contains Isopropyl alcohol & hydrogen peroxide to bust the grime
  • Glycerol to condition the whiteboard surface
  • Vanilla scent smells clean and fresh
  • Cloth measures 12" x 12"
  • 100% microfiber hand-wash or machine wash - do not use fabric softener
  • Rare-Earth magnets securely sewn into the corner

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