Tackie Markers
Fine-Point Black 6-Pack

  • Smudge-free markers for whiteboards and glass to prevent accidentally erasing your big ideas
  • Our wet-erase ink cleans off any whiteboard, dry-erase board, chalkboard, porcelain or glass with just a damp cloth
  • Luscious ink writes like liquid chalk. Tackies dry out if you leave the cap off - just quickly dip the tip under water and shake to revive
  • FINE POINT made of premium polyester fiber for writing detailed notes, doodles, drawings, reminders, lists, etc…
  • Brightly colored Tackie ink makes writing pop off any surface. 6-Pack of Fine-Point Black Markers


When your ideas matter, Tackie Markers capture them on whiteboards, glass, ceramic and metal and don’t smudge or budge until you wipe the ink away with a damp cloth. Wet-Erase Tackie Markers are made with uniquely blended liquid chalk ink so that they stay put on any surface dry-erase markers work on.

Pop the top, make your mark, let it set, erase with a damp cloth

  • Tackie Markers use low-odor liquid chalk ink and are not safe for children under 3.
  • Tackies erase with a damp cloth or soapy water
  • Suitable for any non-porous surface: whiteboard, glass, plastic, ceramic and metal

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