Large Tile Whiteboard
11x 11

  • Frameless, nesting whiteboard tiles that magnetically stick and align to one another
  • Mounts to magnetic surfaces and designed to be moved and realigned and conform to the way you like to organize.
  • Won’t stain, warp, or chip. Made from our premium dry-erase Gorilla Board that writes beautifully and erases easily
  • Use in the office, factory, dev warroom, at home or anywhere else you need to organize, categorize, sort, plan or delegate!
  • 11in Square Whiteboard Tile with magnets


Organize, categorize, sort, plan and, delegate - Tiles are a nesting, dry-erase organizational system. M.C. Squares Tiles have rare-earth magnets on the back so they mount to any magnetic surface, including file cabinets, equipment, magnetic whiteboards, and most refrigerators. Whether you're planning your next big project, categorizing your production processes, organizing your home, or just need the space to think and create, M.C. Squares Tiles are the ultimate solution. Add tasks and ideas, sort and categorize, get things done

"...A stack of small and larger tiles are a worthy addition to one's desk" - Tech Republic

  • Large Tiles measure 11.25" x 11.25"
  • Rare-earth magnets on the back hold tiles on any ferrous surface
  • Not safe for children under 3
  • Manufactured with our exclusive Gorilla Board rigid whiteboard technology
  • 2 year replacement details are in the box

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