Collaboration Tablet

  • Visual and kinesthetic learning. Pass Tablets out, then bring them up to share on your larger magnetic whiteboard
  • Sized for facilitation. From classrooms to training centers, Tablets fit at desks, yet leave enough room for both little learners and complex concepts
  • Layer the ideas. Use the clear tops alone and layer dry-erase ideas on top of one another for 3-dimensional collaboration
  • Psychologically safe. Pass tablets out in classrooms or in brainstorming meetings to encourage creative thinking without group-think
  • Templated ideation. Choose from 8 included templates: mind map, persona, category, thought bubble, list, calendar, dot or line grid


Take your facilitation to new dimensions with a Dry-Erase 3-Dimensional Whiteboard Tablet. Your lessons come to life with layers of whiteboarding surfaces including whiteboard, blackboard, and clear acrylic. Create your own templates or use one of the 8 included. When the work is done, they snap securely to any magnetic surface with strong rare-earth magnets.

Pop the top, pick a side or guide, snap it together, make your mark, share and combine ideas

Each Tablet Includes:

  • 1 clear acrylic top and a snap-in whiteboard base
  • 8 templates (Calendar, Dot Grid, Graph, Mind Map, To-Do, Persona, Thought Bubble, 3 Columns)
  • 4 strong Rare-Earth magnets are secured to the acrylic top and snap tightly to the Gorilla Board base
  • 2 year replacement details are in the packaging

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