Meal Planning Bundle
Reusable Notepad and Sticky Notes

A little preparation goes a long way!

Planning your grocery trips, snacks, and meals ahead helps you begin each week feeling confident, organized, and well-prepared. Set yourself up for success with a bundle that helps you plan for every part of the process while saving time, money, and effort!

  • Write, erase, and reuse thousands of timesto plan the upcoming week's meals, every week - and keep track of when you bought perishables!
  • Add groceries to a reusable list throughout the week or as you meal plan, then erase and reuse after each trip to the store. Label each section or write your own in.
  • Let everyone know what's for dinner every night and what snacks you have on hand without being asked - everyone can refer to lists that stick to your fridge!
  • Notes taken in included wet-erase Tackie Marker erase easily from each piece of the bundle with water and a soft cloth, but won’t accidentally smudge away.

Each bundle includes:
(1) Reusable Weekly Meal Planning Notepad, (1) Reusable Grocery List Stickie, (1) Reusable 'What's for Dinner' Stickie, (11) Reusable Labels, (2) Reusable Sticky Notes, (12) Reusable Stickers, (1) Tackie Hang Tag, (1) Tackie Marker

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