21-Day Habit Tracker
Jotter and Stickie Bundle

  • Our Jotters are durable. They won’t stain, warp, or chip. They can be washed with water and a soft cloth for reuse thousands of times
  • Our Stickies are huggers! They stick to shiny surfaces like magnets to metal. Never miss a note on a mirror, appliance, monitor or plastic bin
  • Save hundreds by replacing wasteful paper sticky notes. Post it, restick it, wash it and reuse it thousands of times
  • Your notes are safe. The included wet-erase Tackie Marker ensures your notes won’t smear, smudge, or accidentally disappear
  • We invented the reusable sticky note. Stickies are patent pending and sustainably made with wind power in the USA


Get a jump start on your health and wellness goals with our new Reusable Habit Tracker! Building better habits will require consistent effort for at least 21 days. That means setting and committing to a goal, holding yourself accountable, and tracking your progress. Use the Daily Habit Tracker to build better habits like drinking more water, taking more steps, meditating, and eating more fresh food - or to break your not-so-great habits. Once you've developed one habit and are ready to start working toward another, simply erase and reuse each piece of the Habit Tracker up to 2,000 times. Make yourself a priority!

"An arsenal of mini-whiteboards" - The Daily Beast

"...so genius and help save paper" - Pop Sugar

"I love them. They stick to almost every surface" -Bustle


Make your plan, stick and restick, wash and reuse"