Reusable Dot-Grid Pad
9x11 2-Pack

  • The 2-Year Reusable Dot Grid Pad. Durable whiteboard finish and Gorilla Board core, we’ll replace any Jotter that doesn't last for 2 years!
  • Our Jotters are durable. They won’t stain, warp, or chip. They can be washed with water and a soft cloth for reuse thousands of times
  • Your notes are safe until you’re done. With the included wet-erase Tackie Marker, you’ll erase when you’re ready. No messy smudging, no accidental erasing
  • Scan your notes with an app that’s already on your phone! Need the step-by-step? Learn how for both Apple and Android devices on our blog
  • Save hundreds by replacing wasteful paper pads. Jotters are patent pending and sustainably made with wind power in the USA


Say goodbye to wasteful paper clutter, and hello to Jotters! Reusable whiteboard notepads for your important to-dos, notes, ideas, and more. Your favorite notepad on one side, a wide-open whiteboard on the other. Choose your favorite style from lined to grid to graph pads. Save your ideas with a quick scan on your phone and never lose another note.

"Changed my habits for the better" - Daily Beast

Make your mark, rinse, reuse

  • Each Dot Grid Pad Jotter measures 9"x11" with 2 in each pack
  • Includes one Tackie Marker smudge-free wet-erase marker
  • Not safe for children under 3
  • Manufactured with our exclusive Gorilla Board rigid whiteboard technology
  • Love them or return them for 90 days
  • 2 year replacement details are in the box

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