March 25, 2022 2 min read

Why meal plan? Why not! With Reusable and Re-Stickable Meal Planners and grocery lists it's easy to get your menu in order. Read on for the top six ways meal planning will improve your overall health and decrease your stress surrounding what your family is having for dinner every night.


Save Time

All those “quick trips” to the grocery store every other day add up. Spend 45 minutes planning your meals for the week and streamline your shopping trips. No more looking in your cabinets wondering what you’re going to make! Plus, when you’re armed with a list you will be less likely to forget those much-needed items. 

Save Money

Meal planning helps you shop with intention, rather than wandering around throwing things into your cart at the grocery store. You'll make fewer impulse purchases, you can figure out what is on sale that week, and you can get your coupons ready before you go.

Less Hassle

Figuring out what to eat for dinner in real time can add chaos to your night. Add in a missing ingredient and small kids-- that’s a recipe for stress! Planning ahead and having all your ingredients stocked and ready means a low-key meal time.

Eat Healthier

When you don’t have anything in your house to put together a decent meal you’re much more likely to hit the drive through or order. We all love takeout now and again, but nothing can replace a home cooked meal. It's healthier and less costly to create a balanced meal at home. 

Add Variety

The dreaded question: what’s for dinner? The dreaded answer: the old staples… again. But there is a whole world full of recipes out there. When you plan in advance you can try new things, and if you like the recipe, add it in to your monthly go-to's. 

Feel Like a Superstar!
Having a plan for your meals for the week leaves you feeling confident and organized. Knowing exactly what you are having for dinner every night means you don’t have to even think about dinner until… dinner time. And when someone asks “what’s for dinner,” you'll actually know!

Alison Burnell
Alison Burnell

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