August 30, 2019 3 min read

 Our new Surfaces are exceptionally versatile, well crafted, and come with bonuses!

Life is hard. M.C. Squares is here to make it easier.

Our mission is to create products that increase your creativity, organization, and collaboration. We know it's easy to forget a deadline, your work schedule, what you need from the store. We know that sometimes you may not have the proper tools to keep students or employees productive. That's why we're excited to announce we've extended our line with a high-demand product we've been developing for quite some time.

Say hello to M.C. Squares Surfaces!

Let's talk about versatility

M.C. Squares Surfaces were created with you in mind. They are an ultra-functional dry-erase board crafted for every need - whether that's in your classroom, kitchen, or office. They easily stick flat to your table or post vertically to glass walls and appliances (and more) using our super sticky, reusable, no-residue Bubble Bond stickers (if you've purchased our M.C. Squares Stickies, you will be thrilled to see this uses the same material). They are the ultra-functional desk, table-top, fridge, or wall dry-erase board - ideal for:

    • Temporary notes
    • Quick math
    • Doodling
    • Important ideas
    • Task organization
    • Phone numbers
    • To-do lists
    • Reminders

    Location wasn't the only point taken into account when our designers began drafting M.C. Squares Surfaces. As not everyone has the money or space for a traditional whiteboard, our designers went to work on solving these two main issues - which is why our Surfaces come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Surfaces spare the need for traditional whiteboards at a fraction of the cost. Can you say two birds with one stone?

    Let's talk about craftsmanship

    We've spent more money and time than we'd like to admit sourcing our materials, and that's why Surfaces are built from a premium whiteboard material that writes smoothly and erases easily. Surfaces are equipped with rigid high-quality polyvinyl backing as opposed to the more common flimsy dry-erase film or cheap cardboard. We're here to make your life easier, and that's why we built Surfaces to be durable and flexible, ready for whatever comes your way. Surfaces were created to make your life easier. That's why our designers made sure they were ready to move when you need them. We kept that in mind when making sure Surfaces aren't just easy to use and convenient, but that they're designed to be cleaned and reused as well.

    Let's talk about bonuses

    (Because who doesn't love a good bonus?)

    As a team, M.C. Squares has identified protecting the environment as one of our top priorities. Our entire line of products is Eco-Smart. Every time you use M.C. Squares Surfaces or any other M.C. Squares product, you save a sheet of paper from being thrown into the trash bin. Better yet, M.C. Squares has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every product sold!

    The bonuses just keep coming. We've included a smudge-free Tackie Marker to prevent accidental erasing of your notes - when you've finished with your notes, Tackie Marker ink erases easily with a soft damp cloth.

    We love Surfaces and know you will too!

    After years of planning, drafting, designing, prototyping, and building, we couldn't be more excited about the product we've created. M.C. Squares Surfaces was forged with the struggles of life in mind, and we hope it makes your life just a little bit easier. We love Surfaces and KNOW you will too!

    Anthony Franco
    Anthony Franco

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