January 01, 2019 2 min read

The digital revolution is transforming the globe at an unprecedented pace.

We are on the path to curing cancer, colonizing Mars, automating vehicles, and building quantum computers. Science fiction is becoming reality right before our eyes.

However, there’s a nagging feeling that humanity is struggling.

  •  In social networking, you feel more isolated.
  •  In the media, you feel the truth slipping away.
  •  In the age of big data, you feel overwhelmed.
  •  As the internet is expanding, our humanity is contracting.

By design, we are social creatures. Yet we are losing our ability to interact togetherin real life. We are unintentionally devaluing community, culture, and connectedness. We are losing dialog, creativity, and wisdom. 

There are dire consequences if chaos and distraction are allowed to conquer your life.

Maybe technology is not a complete answer. Maybe there is a better path to clarity and peace of mind. Maybe we must also value our time without technology so that we can create something better, together.

There is a monumental opportunity, even a responsibility, to think, ponder, reflect and create without technological distortion and distraction. We can strengthen our communicative muscles. Families that do this well will be happier and healthier; institutions that do this well will flourish; the companies that do this well will dominate.

A solution todistraction, chaos, and technological noiseis rooted in centuries-old techniques that complement the way we kinesthetically and communally interact. The key is to encourage collaboration in a psychologically safe way. It is sans technology, yet not wasteful. It is approachable, familiar, and easy. It is inclusive and facilitates both creativity, communication, and organization. 

The answer is comically simple, and we at M.C. Squares call it “Whiteboarding”. 

Whiteboarding is not just simply using dry-erase products. Whiteboarding is the definition of how we visually organize, engage and create, as individuals, and as a group... it is not rocket science, it is social science.

  • Whiteboarding is the process of visual communication. 
  • Whiteboarding is the process of thinking out loud. 
  • Whiteboarding is the process of illustrative explanation.
  • Whiteboarding is the process of achieving alignment.
  • Whiteboarding is the process of working through a problem.
  • Whiteboarding is the process of gathering people in a room to brainstorm. 
  • Whiteboarding is the process of encouraging dialog and creating solutions. 
  • Whiteboarding is the process of defining tactics and assigning roles.
  • Whiteboarding is the process of creativity without fear of judgment. 
  • Whiteboarding is the process of expressing affection and encouragement
  • Whiteboarding is the process of community enlightenment.

Whiteboarding = Conquering Chaos

At M.C. Squares, we make products that make Whiteboarding better, we create the frameworks that make Whiteboarding effective, and we guide the growing community of Whiteboarders around the globe.

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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