September 18, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to milestones, this one is long. Precisely 47,348 miles long. That’s the length of 1 BILLION sticky notes laid end to end.

A few years ago, we produced a short promotional video highlighting the fact that more than 50 billion sticky notes are thrown away each year. That’s not a typo. It has always been our goal to reduce that enormous waste by offering innovative reusable alternatives.

Since then, our products have evolved to last even longer - our BubbleBond micro-suction technology allows for thousands more uses than static cling products. We've stayed focused on our mission and are making significant progress toward delivering on that goal.

Thanks to Stickies, our reusable sticky notes, M.C. Squares has replaced one billion sticky notes, keeping them from piling up in landfills! Stickies stick and erase up to 2000 times. We’ve sold more than 500,000 Stickies, and we are already looking forward to our next billion sticky notes saved.

M.C. Squares is committed to a more eco-collaborative future. We continue to foster human connections and collaboration by reducing technological dependence at home and at work.When we started making Stickies 2 years ago, We focused on our "One Billion Stickies Saved" milestone as part of our environmental initiatives. 

What do a billion sticky notes look like? 

  • If you lined up one billion sticky notes end-to-end, they would stretch around the earth 1.9 times. (Lined up corner-to-corner, they go around 2.7 times, but we thought that was kind of cheating.)
    • It would take Usain Bolt 71 days to sprint the length of a billion stickies notes.
    • If you're short on time, you could take a Corvette. At 185mph, you'd reach the end of the line in 10 days and seventeen hours.
    • That's almost 24 coast-to-coast road trips across the United States.
  • A billion sticky notes would cover 1434 acres. That's 821 soccer fields.
    • You could carpet the National Mall in Washington more than 10 times.
    • You could cover more than 46,000 movie screens. Unless they're showing Groundhog Day. Again.
  • If you stacked a billion sticky notes, they would tower 63 miles into the sky.
    • That's more than a thousand Statues of Liberty.
  • A billion sticky notes weigh more than 80,000 pounds.
    • That's more than 26 Honda Accords or 170 Harley Davidsons.
    • You could dump 250,000 baseballs on the field at Fenway Park; they'd still weigh less than a billion sticky notes.
  • It would take more than 35 garbage trucks to dump a billion sticky notes in a landfill. Thanks to M.C. Squares, they won't have to. 

M.C. Squares also partners with Trees for the Future, an organization working with local farmers across five continents to revitalize degraded lands by planting trees. We plant a tree for every product sold, investing in the planet's future for our families and communities. So far, we’ve planted over 40,000 trees. That’s more trees than... Well, we’ll share that in another blog post.

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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