May 02, 2020 2 min read

Whiteboards aren’t new, but what we do with them is.

We know that you shop online and in big box stores and find hundreds of whiteboards at deep discounts.M.C. Squares are different. We make premium collaboration tools in innovative shapes and sizes that are guaranteed to write beautifully and erase flawlessly thousands of times. 

Here’s what makes M.C. Squares the king of the whiteboarding category.

Our tools are unique.

From reusable sticky notes (Stickies) to collaborative whiteboard Tiles, to stackable and layered Tablets, we make whiteboards unlike any other.

All of our products are American-made - right here in Denver, Colorado.

We’re proud artisans who make eco-friendly products in a city that has high environmental standards. We source materials almost entirely in the USA, supporting an entire supply chain of American workers. Our home in the Rocky Mountains pushes us to reduce waste in our processes and keep our footprint small. Our production team is right here with us breathing in the clear mountain air, and enjoying craft brews alongside the rest of our team.

The best products start with the best materials.

We use the highest quality materials to create our products because we know you need tools that last. Every product we make is engineered to industrial use standards, including quality HDPE, steel, and expanded polyvinyl. Our surfaces will write easily, erase perfectly, and will not ghost for thousands of uses.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We stand by our best-in-class guarantee for every product we sell. If you are not 100% thrilled with your M.C. Squares purchase, we will replace the product or refund your purchase.

Again, we know that there are cheaper alternatives out there, but none of them compare to the premium quality and durability of M.C. Squares. Try us out today to see what we’re talking about!

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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