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January 01, 2022 2 min read

Reflection is a good thing, and as a brand that creates reusable products that capture your thoughts, we're inherently pretty good at that. Now is as good a time as any to think back on the goals you made and achieved last year, the dreams you're still chasing, and to plan ahead to make those dreams a reality!

You're inspiring, and we're here to support you as you become your best self - for less! Throughout the month of January, look out for BOGO offers, exclusive discounts, and limited releases that we've designed specifically for you to tackle your goals every day, every week, and every month - all year.

We're kicking off the New Year strong with a 3-in-1 Reusable Fitness, Meal, and Grocery Planner designed to help you show up for yourself in 2022! This meal planning bundle includes a grocery list with reusable labels, a meal and exercise planner, and reusable emoji stickers. 

Meal planning bundle pictured on fridge with meals and various grocery items filled out in colorful Tackie marker.Meal planning bundle featured on pink surface surrounded by various fruits and cooking items.

It's easy to make resolutions for better organization, healthier meals, and more exercise. Actually putting those resolutions into practice is the tricky part. The 2022 FMG Planner was created to help you stick to your resolutions and prioritize your health today and everyday. The reusable planner and list allow you to customize your FMG for your own New Year's goals (whether they be budget-oriented, health-focused, or wellness-centered!) We're excited to see what resolutions you will accomplish with the help of our latest meal planning bundle. 

We are also celebrating the launch of our Today is the Day Planner Pack! This colorful planner kit is built for accomplishing goals and completing tasks. With a reusable weekly planner, to-do list, emoji stickers, and a Tackier marker with hang tags, this planning set is ready to help you make the most of every day! 

Our new product’s name, “Today is the Day” is meant to empower you to accomplish all those little tasks, to-do’s, and new skills that you’ve been dreaming about mastering. Today could be the day that you learn something new, the day that you surpass your personal best, or the day that you get all your homework done. Whatever you need to do this year, you should have a planner that can empower you to see your resolutions through.


Video Created By: Aidé Hernández (@gradconmigo)

Keep an eye out for more planning bundles thoughtfully created to help you accomplish your goals in 2022!

Alison Burnell
Alison Burnell

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