May 01, 2020 2 min read

Quick reminder, everyone: Mother’s Day is coming up fast! All the days are blending together a little, but May 10th will be here before you know it. 

Since we probably won’t get to take Mom out for Sunday Brunch this year, we’ll have to get creative this year with our gifts. That’s okay, because brunch is cliché. We’re about to kick down the doors of holiday stereotypes and give Mom a meaningful Mother’s Day. 

As a mom, I know that we’re really just looking for a relaxing day spent with our families. But there may be presents. I know, I know - it’s the thought that counts. But instead of something cliché, what if we got mom something really cool and meaningful? 

Below is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas thataren’t cliché


Flowers are pretty, but give mom something that lasts a little longer than one week. If your mom is also a proud #plantmom, then The Sillhas the perfect gift for her! The Sill is an online plant boutique that can help you find the plant that your mom mentioned she wanted (but you can’t remember the name of). They deliver nationwide!

Custom Card (that someone else will mail)

Let’s skip the Hallmark section of Walgreens this year and get mom a handmade card. Don't worry, you don’t have to make it. Lana’s Shop is a Denver staple in homemade cards, gift wrap, wallpaper, and all things cute. Since we’re all stuck at home, Lana wants to help send mom a special message. Buy a Mother’s Day card and Lana herself will write the message, stamp it, and put it in the mail for you. Did you catch that? All you have to do is pick a card and type out your message and Lana herself will put it all in motion and get the card in the mail. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Mother's Day Card Lana's Shop

M.C. Squares Stickies To-Do Lists and Calendars

Look, it’s time we stopped forcing moms to be the project manager of the house. Blow her away this Mother’s Day with a to-do list already filled out and assigned, and a calendar full of family events, on easy-to-use, reusable, dry-erase tools. Here’s the kicker - YOU DO IT. Give mom a break. 

Check out all the Stickies Planners here.

A Scarf That’s Cute AND Useful!

Instead of the standard scarf you saw on the “mom’s list” from Nordstrom’s (no shade, Nordy’s), give her a scarf she’ll actually use.Waypoint Goods scarves have a hidden zipper pocket that’s big enough to carry a cellphone, a few cards, and the most important thing - chapstick. These scarves are designed for traveling women, but as a mom, I’ve found them to be super useful when my hands are full with the diaper bag, car keys, coffee mug, two chapsticks, etc.

Waypoint is running a huge sale right now with scarves 15-50% off!

Waypoint Goods Scarf


Ready to change up Mother’s Day? Hopefully, everything changes and we can spend the day with mom this year, but just in case it doesn’t make sure to order mom a present now or have Lana get a card in the mail for you today!

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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