August 31, 2022 2 min read

Looking for extra motivation to organize your office? Whether you’re camped out at your kitchen table, set up in a home office, or in a shared workspace, here are some helpful tips for getting organized at work - wherever that may be for you!

Create a daily task list

It’s easy to get sidetracked when your day gets busy. Keep track of all the little things you need to get done by EOD, then create a new list for tomorrow before signing off.


Use a weekly planner

Record all of your tasks, due dates, and meetings in one place for your convenience to avoid being double-booked, missing deadlines, or rushing to finish projects.


Clear the paper clutter 

Desk still cluttered up with miscellaneous papers? Make room for new ideas and thoughts. Switch to reusable Jotters notepads and erase your notes to start fresh.


Map it all out 

Work and life have never been so interwoven. Create a bird’s-eye view of your schedule on a monthly calendar to keep track of personal appointments and schedule work obligations around them. 


Check your pens

Anyone else have a cup filled with pens from years ago? Guilty as charged. Take inventory of your pens and markers on a regular basis and get rid of the ones that no longer work.


Get dressed

You read that right! Even if you’re not working in an office, you should still make an effort to look presentable - this will make you feel better than another day in sweats, and your work will reflect it!


Working from home is difficult enough as-is. Don’t make it harder by avoiding organizational tips and tools! Set yourself up for success in the workplace by organizing your desk, clearing the clutter, and planning your way to a more productive day!

Alison Burnell
Alison Burnell

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