September 22, 2020 4 min read

We are both proud of what we've accomplished and humbled by everything we've been through these past several months. We wanted to share some of our good news with you. Click on the links below to find additional details about each of these milestones.

→ We saved a billion sticky notes!
→ We closed our largest education deal to date.
→ We expanded to a new operations center and created more local jobs.
→ We've taken on new investors and kicked off a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

We are ecstatic to announce that we have saved the equivalent of one billion sticky notes from going to landfills! We also recently closed our biggest education deal to date, selling thousands of personal whiteboards to provide one for every student in theNovi Community School District

To help maintain our record growth, sales demands, and momentum, we have expanded our operations in the Denver metro area to a 25,000 square foot facility. This relocation will allow us to keep jobs local and help stimulate the Colorado economy. And finally, M.C. Squares has raised more than a million dollars in growth capital this year. We've taken on new investors such as Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, and kicked off aStart Engine crowdfunding campaign that has already raised more than $500,000.

We saved a billion sticky notes!

This is a major milestone in M.C. Squares' environmental initiatives. Our Stickies sticky notes stick and erase up to 2000 times. Having sold more than 500,000 Stickies, we have proudly prevented more than a billion sticky notes from piling up in landfills. For a sense of scale, if you were to stack up a billion sticky notes, the stack would be 63 miles high! That’s literally tons of waste avoided.

We are committed to our vision for a more eco-collaborative future and reducing reliance on technology for better connections and collaboration at home and in the workplace. 

We closed our largest education deal to date.

M.C. Squares is supporting distance learning in the near-term and keeping students safer when returning to school by eliminating the need for shared whiteboards and markers. Having purchased 6,600M.C. Squares Surfaces, theNovi School Districtin Michigan will supply every student with a personal whiteboard for learning remotely. Eventually, they'll become an essential tool in face-to-face classrooms that support adequate social distancing. 

R.J. Webber, the Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services for the Novi Community School District, explains:

"We believe every student has beautiful, important ideas in their heads that are essential to their learning, but their ability to communicate them is not equal. In the new era of online learning, the challenge became even greater: how do we bring each of these ideas to light in such a way that the teacher can easily see and hear them, and the student feels safe presenting them. We chose M.C. Squares 15” x 12” Surfaces for every student in the district because they are accessible, high-quality, lightweight, and the level of service we received was unparalleled." 

RJ points out the educational advantages unique to personal whiteboards:

“The challenge of providing online learning while also limiting a student’s time on screens led us to M.C. Squares Surfaces. A whiteboard is ideal for writing quickly, large and legibly and showing it to the teacher on camera, while reducing paper waste. The impermanence of writing on a whiteboard relieves student anxiety about being wrong – it’s easily erased and fixed and won’t be recorded in a forum for other students to see.”

mcSquares’ Surfaces are a perfect companion to balance what screen technologies already do. Making sure every student has one goes just a bit further toward a level educational playing field. 

Teachers across the nation are also leveraging M.C. Squares products in unique and innovative ways.Click here to check out their remarkable examples.

We expanded to a new operations center and created more local jobs.

The explosion in sales allows M.C. Squares to stimulate the local economy by expanding our operations to a 25,000 square foot space in the Denver Metro Area. The larger facility will serve as a shared physical space to bring together design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and shipping along with a 1,500 square foot showroom and training center. 

We are determined to keep our operations in Colorado to help stimulate the local economy and provide jobs to as many people as possible. By the end of the year, M.C. Squares will have quadrupled in size, bringing the total number of employees to 25. To hit this number, we will hire 10 new people before the end of the year.  

We've taken on new investors and kicked off a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

Investment capital growth gathered tremendous momentum with Shark Tank featuring M.C. Squares' founder and CEO, Anthony Franco, in May of this year. By the end of the episode, Kevin O'Leary agreed to become an investor, realizing the growth potential and positive impact M.C. Squares was already having on the world. 

Immediately following the close of the deal with O'Leary in July, we kicked off a Start Engine crowdfunding campaign raising more than $500,000 in less than a month, earning M.C. Squares more than a million dollars this year in growth capital. Interested parties can still invest byvisiting the Start Engine pageAnthony explains the strategy behind the company's phenomenal growth:

"Before airing on Shark Tank, and prior to the pandemic, company sales had already been growing 600% annually. While Shark Tank was a coveted opportunity, it was never our only investment strategy. Our greatest goal has been getting into the hands and, ultimately, adults' and kids' hearts and minds by helping them overcome our working and learning obstacles, at home, or wherever they may find themselves. Those are the investors we care about most of all, and it's paying off."


Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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