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July 06, 2020 3 min read

Reusable Sticky Notes with Thousands of Tiny Suction Cups. (Really.)

Stickies can do so many things. But how do they work?

Stickies are reusable sticky notes - like a little whiteboard you can stick just about anywhere. Write on them, and post them almost anywhere. Then wipe them clean, and write on them again - thousands of times. Peel them off and reuse them in a new spot. It’s surprising how reliably they stick to shiny surfaces, while still being easy to remove.  

When people use Stickies for the first time, one of their most common questions is, “How do these little whiteboards work?”

So I asked one of our engineers. He told me to visualize a surface covered with tiny suction cups. And I mean tiny. So I grabbed a magnifying glass and took a closer look. As I suspected, they’re just too small to see. But being small doesn’t mean they’re not strong. They’ll stick to just about any shiny surface, and they only come off when you peel them away. 

We use a new material called BubbleBond™ micro-suction foam, and we attach it to our premium dry-erase finishes. The result is sort of a small whiteboard you can stick to almost any shiny surface: your fridge, a bathroom mirror, a computer monitor, even windows. 

One of the best things about these little suction cups is that each Stickie stays tacky for a long time. As you reuse your Stickies whiteboard sticky notes over and over, they might collect a little dust. Just wipe the BubbleBond backing with a damp cloth, and they’re as good as new. You can reuse each Stickie up to 2,000 times! 

And because our Stickies don’t use any moisture or adhesive to stick, they don’t leave any marks or residue behind. Peel your grocery list off the fridge and take it with you. Have your young artist make new Stickie whiteboard art day after day. The more feedback we get from our customers, the more we see new ways that Stickies help you conquer the chaos of your everyday life. 

Stickies Essentials
    • Jot down notes and stick them on your monitor. 
    • Scratch out math while you’re doubling or halving a recipe. 
    • Leave a fun, colorful sign on the door for your kids on their way to school.
      Printed Calendar
        • Post your whiteboard calendar in a common area where everyone can see it - even on a stainless steel appliance.
        • Coordinate all the crisscrossing schedules in your home or office.
        • It’s easy to make adjustments. Just erase and write. 
          Printed ToDo Lists
            • Save paper and reuse the same ToDo list with a flawless dry-erase surface.
            • Keep your ToDo list in just the right spot. Post it in your office while you’re working, the kitchen while you’re making, or the workshop while you’re tinkering.
            • Post your completed ToDo list where everyone can see it.
              Printed Planners
                • Erase and reorganize your week. Your reusable whiteboard calendar stays clean and up to date.
                • Keep your tasks and weekly calendar with you - on your desk, the fridge, or even the glass wall of your office. 
                • Great for meal-planning, project scheduling and managing the family schedule.
                  Stickies Shapes
                    • Use a Star when someone earns high praise.
                    • Use a Bubble for a less formal thought or reminder.
                    • Use a Heart when they need to know you really care.
                    • Use an Arrow when they really need to know where you’re pointing.
                    • Use a Circle when it really needs to look presentable. 

                      No matter when you find yourself in need of a sticky note, you can create any message or image you’d like with Stickies reusable sticky notes - like little whiteboards wherever you need them. And you can post them almost anywhere. Stickies come in all sorts of colors and sizes to help you remember or say anything you need. Even if you can’t see the tiny suctions cups that make all this productivity possible.

                      Anthony Franco
                      Anthony Franco

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