May 08, 2020 2 min read

You wouldn’t recommend a product to a friend if you didn’t like it, right?

At M.C. Squares, we LOVE our collaborative whiteboard tools and use them at the office and in our homes. Check out our team’s favorite products!

Anthony Franco, CEO
“Easily,M.C. Squares Tiles are my favorite. I think visually and often chaotically. Tiles allow me to get my ideas down ‘stream of consciousness’ and then I can organize, sort, plan and delegate without having to rewrite anything. 

Alison Burnell, Graphic Designer
“My favorite products are thesmall Surfaces (mostly the 12” square) because they’re portable and help me document my thoughts as I read, listen, work, and study. I have multiple surfaces in every room at home! Literally, in my kitchen, living room, bedroom, and ‘office’!”

Kristen Bangs, VP of Marketing and Sales
“M.C. Squares Tiles win the day! We’re using them throughout the house right now. My husband manages a team of design thinkers, so he’s constantly updating projects and responsibilities and loves the visual board he’s created withMini Tiles. I do the same, creating color-coded to do lists for each of my team members usingMini Tiles and organizing into groups on Large Tiles. We’re also keeping running shopping lists onLarge Tiles on our refrigerator, one each for groceries, Costco and Home Depot. I like dry-erase shopping lists so I can organize the list into the section of the store - sublists for produce, deli, meat, dairy, etc. The largest section these days is the snack aisle…”

Ian McConville, Director of Operations
“My favorite product line is ourSurfaces. I use them constantly around the shop to plan our production runs, packing schedules, and generally make my brain work. Even if I never look at a note I made again, the fact that I wrote it down makes me much more likely to remember and act upon it.”

Matt Bunsness, Production Manager
Stickies of course. I use them to jot down quick notes, plan out long term goals, and even for a quick sketch if I am feeling artistic. I have a large mirror in my apartment that has become my control center. I use a couple Bright Calendar Stickies to show me important events and birthdays for the next 3 months at a glance. I have smaller 3” x 3” Stickies for random notes and reminders. I absolutely love the colored version of the 4” x 4” Stickies to keep my short term to do list organized and categorized. Finally I top it off with a 2 pack of 11” x 11” Stickies, which are general purpose. Every once in awhile, I love to draw some art (using all the colors of our 12-pack of Tackies of course) to bring some creativity in my daily life. I can’t live without these now!

Royale Baugh, Order Fulfillment Specialist
“I’m a big fan of the new Tackies Fine Tip 12-pack. The colors are super bright and the tip is the perfect size for day to day writing, or stylized hand fonts.


Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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