Clear Desk, Clear Mind

Clear Desk, Clear Mind

Use these easy steps to clear the clutter and achieve the clear desk of your dreams. You'll be surprised to see how quickly your organized workspace clears your mind and improves your productivity!

They say your physical space is a reflection of your state of mind. What does yours say about you? We're here to help you to become your most productive, organized, and creative self - whatever that looks like. Here are our top tips to achieve a clear desk and a clear mind.

1. Declutter and Minimize

 Clear the clutter on your desk and waste less! Discard or file away inactive documents each day-- don't let molehills become mountains. Move everything off your workspace and start fresh. Put back only the tools you use every day, and get rid of single-use papers and notebooks filled with notes you’ll never look at again. 

It’s 2022 - turn over a new page and make the switch to Reusable NotepadsThey take up less space, can be reused thousands of times, and go wherever your legal pad or notepad can without the weight or waste.

2. Categorize and Compartmentalize

If it doesn’t have a place, it shouldn’t be in your space. Design your workspace to be comfortable and clean. Keep like with like - as an example, put all of your office supplies in one drawer. Anything that can’t easily be put away or organized should be removed.

Color (code) me productive!

If you’re not taking advantage of using color to help you sort deadlines and priorities, now is the time to try it! Consider color coding by priority, progress (to-do, in progress, completed, deferred), or the type of task (meeting, project, event). You can even organize tasks by the color of Reusable Sticky Notes you use!

3. Utilize and Optimize

Keep your go-to’s close and your devices closer. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or any other device to tackle your workload, it should be kept in front of you to help you stay focused. Keep other tools you use frequently near your dominant hand, like pens and markers, your phone, and your Reusable Planners from M.C. Squares (wink)!

Create a system!

Don’t let paper take over! Take what you need from your notes each day, then discard them. If you’ve already made the switch to reusable, take action on the notes you’ve made and erase them at the end of each day so your tools are clean and ready to go for tomorrow. 

It's time to clear the clutter, clear your desk, and clear your mind. You need planning and organizational tools that enable you to manage your busy life and do your best work wherever you go, whenever you have time for it.