November 24, 2020 3 min read

Counting our blessings this year will take extra long. With each item on our list, we acknowledge that our customers, investors, employees and families are key ingredients.

When it comes to gratitude in 2020, M.C. Squares has a long list. Despite constantly shifting business challenges and personal difficulties, we’ve had a very successful year that would not be possible without the ongoing support of you: our customers, investors, employees and families.

As a company built on the idea of creating meaningful human connections, even when face-to-face connection isn’t always possible, people are at the heart of everything we do. Without YOU, there is no US. 

Our gratitude list is as long as this year has felt. As a loyal member of our extended family, you contributed to our ongoing success, including:

  • Saving 1 BILLION paper sticky notes from landfills
  • Planting 25,000 trees through Trees for the Future
  • Propelling us to the top echelons of Shark Tank companies
  • Becoming a top-selling work-from-home and learn-from-home item
  • Earning 5-star reviews across our product offerings
  • Launching 12 new products successfully
  • Employing 20 full-time American workers who make, sell, and ship our products in Denver, CO
  • Raising $1 Million in investments and grants to fuel our growth into 2021

In a year where normal pleasures were few, it’s truly been a great joy to virtually meet a wide range of loyal supporters with diverse backgrounds and needs. We discovered that the ubiquity of whiteboards in offices and classrooms meant you wanted them in your homes as well. We talked to school districts, teachers, work-from-homers and managers of large teams. We met parents trying to outfit their children for learning at home, and busy organizers keeping their families moving forward despite the challenges created by the Coronavirus. 

And while we wouldn’t normally single out a group of customers, this year we do want to express extra gratitude to the teachers and school administrators for your purchases, rave reviews and great social media posts. We also want to thank you for the monumental task you take on every day to keep our kids engaged in learning, despite constantly shifting requirements and environments. You’re heroes every year. This year, there are not enough words to say “thank you” for all that you do.

Everyone we crossed paths with showed a deep commitment for sustainable tools, great design and the comfort of whiteboards in uncertain times. You all showed grace and compassion for each other and for us. We are so very grateful for your ongoing support.

Through Shark Tank ABC, StartEngine, and personal connections, we’ve grown our network of investors. Each backer we meet is committed to the same principles that motivate our customers - sustainable products made in the United States that get people organized. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to express how grateful we are for not only your investment, but the connections and guidance you’ve provided to aid our growth.

Our employees dug deep to meet the challenges of social distancing in the workplace by carving our work-from-home spaces and meeting the technical difficulties of connecting with each other via video. As a team, we moved to a vastly larger facility, built it out from scratch, and installed advanced manufacturing tools. We shipped 2,500 orders in a single day without slowing down manufacturing, even for a moment. The commitment and drive of these faithful workers leaves us truly speechless - for which they may find themselves grateful. Thank you, to every member of our staff, for your commitment to our customers and to this team.

And to our families, who have supported our own sacrifices (granted, you’ve all gotten some cool whiteboard tools along the way), we say the biggest THANKS. Thank you for allowing us to take on the uncertainty of creating a whole new category of products, work the extra hours to meet the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19, and for helping us unwind at the end of sometimes stressful days. We are so grateful for your loving support as we make this vision a reality.

Counting our blessings this year will take extra long. With each item on our list, we acknowledge that our customers, investors, employees and families are key ingredients. Thank you so much for the integral part you’ve played in our success. It’s been a great pleasure serving you, working with you, and learning from you. We are so grateful.

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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