June 28, 2021 5 min read

They say if you can inspire just one person, you can change the world. We say you should surprise them with a Stickie reusable sticky note.

→ Reusable, resourceful reminders
→ Lists, lists, and more lists (see what we did there?)
→ Warm fuzzies and flirty notes

Walk into an office (can we do that yet?) and you’ll encounter sticky notes everywhere. You remember - sticky notes on your monitor, in the conference room, stuck to documents, and all over the cubicles. Sticky notes on the boss’s door and a sticky note in the office kitchen reminding everyone that their mother “doesn’t work here, so wash your own #$%! dishes!”

Some people’s desks are just a collage of pale-yellow sticky notes with numbers and names scratched across them. And classrooms? Sticky notes on chairs, in cubbies, and likely on the whiteboard at the front of the class.

But the sticky note belongseverywhere you do. And even more so,Stickies reusable, dry-erase sticky notes go hand-in-hand with getting your message across sustainably, especially in unexpected places. Getting a little clever with where you post a Stickie keeps you on task, brightens someone’s day, or juices your relationship with a saucy little love note.

Reusable, resourceful reminders

We’re not keeping track, but we’re pretty sure 90% of sticky notes are used for reminders. Everyone needs a little help remembering the stuff that needs to get done. When you put that reminder on a reusable Stickie in a surprising place, you’re outsourcing your memory to miniature whiteboards and making room in your skull for more important things. 

On the coffee maker

Is there any time of day when memory is less effective than those pre-caffeinated morning hours? Leave yourself a note to put dinner in the slow cooker in the morning, or get your kid up early for a special school project. Stick a note right on the source of your morning java. Your coffee maker is one place you definitely won’t miss the reminder. And while you’re there… that stainless steel travel mug is another smart spot to stick a reminder - like “remember to buy more coffee.”

When you put that reminder in a surprising place, you’re outsourcing your memory to miniature whiteboards and making room in your skull for more important things. 

Inside your medicine cabinet

Are you a die-hard morning person? Someone who uses their early routine to set the right tone for the rest of the day? Tons of people leave themselves reminders or inspirational notes on their bathroom mirror, but they work even better on theinside of the medicine cabinet. If you’re taking medications or vitamins, a Stickie makes an excellent reusable pill schedule. Or keep a rotating set of mantras so you can regularly switch out the one you keep on the mirror. 

Keeping a Stickie or two inside the medicine cabinet is also a great way to teach your kids a little responsibility and establish their own morning routines. Think of these Stickies as mini chore charts reminding children to brush and floss, wash their hands, and (please, please!) FLUSH the toilet. 

Lists, lists, and more lists (see what we did there?)

Want to write an interesting list? Take down all the lists you’re currently juggling in your head. Books you want to read? Shows you want to watch? Foods you want to try? Now ask yourself: how well do those lists in your head actually work when it’s time to start a new binge or pick a place to eat? Get that note out of your head and post it on a Stickie. A strategically posted reminder on a Stickie is a huge help.
Inside the fridge 

Open your refrigerator and open a world of opportunity for lists on sticky notes. You could keep a grocery list or a schedule of meals for the week, or an inventory of cheese in the drawer (mmmm… cheese!). Even cooler, Stickies stick to shiny surfaces, which is just about every surface and container in the icebox. Slap a Stickie on the inside of the door, on the front of a drawer, or on a tub of yogurt. 

Stickies are perfect for a running inventory of ingredients or reminders about leftovers or perishables you need to eat.

Near the remote (where IS the remote anyway?)

If you have a Netflix account, there’s a good chance you save shows you want to watch to “My List.” But you might also have a Hulu list. And Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to have a master list immediately handy—even if it’s only your current top-5? 

Sure, Stickies will stick to your remote control, and we say go for it if that’s your jam. They are also perfect on the coffee table, on a lamp, or heck, right on the Apple TV. So next time you reach for the remote and say, “whaddya want to watch?” you don’t get stuck in another marathon of 90’s reruns or outdated late night shows. The best part? The satisfying swipe of damp cloth across your dry-erase sticky note frees up more room on your list for your next televised obsession. 

On potted plants

Lovingly watering your plants on a regular basis seems deceptively simple, but every plant has different needs (don’t we all?). Snake plants like it dry, spider plants need a weekly watering, and ferns, well, ferns have a lot of issues. 

The situation gets even more complicated when you live with a partner who will randomly “help out” by watering all the plants at once and call it a “favor.” A sticky note list hidden on the back of each pot with the schedule for watering and dates of each drink could save your succulents and protect your pothos. Post a note using Stickies to constantly update the care list without wasting paper. 

Warm fuzzies and flirty notes 

They say if you can inspire just one person, you can change the world. We say you should do it with a Stickie. What if you started thinking about your home as a funhouse of unexpected love notes and encouraging words? A few strategically placed Stickies can maximize surprise and lift everyone’s spirits.

The dreaded bathroom scale

If you’re not in the small percentage of the population that loves getting on the scale in the morning, what can you do to mitigate the anxiety? Look down, and right there between your feet is a note from yourself: “You are BEAUTIFUL. Yes, you. ” Self-love can be challenging in moments like this. Is there a better way to offer yourself a little strength and courage every day?

Inside a drawer

Wanna make someone feel loved? Tell them you love them. It seems simple, right? But what about those moments when you want to change things up a little bit and find new ways to say it? Imagine your partner racing around the kitchen cooking a special dinner. They reach into the drawer for a spoon to stir the pasta, and there next to the spatula is a colorful little note: 💕 “I am STILL so into YOU.” 💕

Think of Stickies as the eco-friendly dry-erase replacements for sticky notes and post helpful notes in surprising places. Post a note with reminders about parent-teacher conferences and water bills. Or use Stickies to perfectly organize your kitchen. We’re sure you’ve got your own ways of putting Stickies to use in your life, and we’d love to hear about it.  Share them with us viaInstagram,Facebook, andTwitter.

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

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